Admissions & Registration Clerk

Location: Lassen & Plumas Counties

Description:  The Admissions & Registration Clerk is the first contact patients have when checking into a facility. It is the clerks responsibility to see that all administrative and insurance documents are completed, updated and signed as well as a variety of other important administrative duties.

Job Responsibilities:  Admissions & Registration clerks are cross-trained to perform a variety of administrative and clerical duties. Hospital admitting clerks, sometimes called emergency admissions or medical admission clerks, handle administrative duties for their medical facility. The hospital admitting clerk is often the first person that a patient sees when they arrive at the hospital; they are in charge of checking patients in, providing forms to patients, answering any questions, and helping patients to feel comfortable as they wait for a doctor. These clerks help ensure that all of the medical facility's administrative duties are handled properly and efficiently, that the facility runs smoothly, and that all patient needs are met. Their day-to-day responsibilities also include answering phone calls, creating and managing patient files, scheduling and confirming appointments, and handling billing issues. Hospital admitting clerks may also need to schedule medical professionals' calendars and appointments. Admitting clerks typically work in hospitals, but may also work at medical practices, clinics and urgent care clinics. Additionally, hospital admitting clerks work directly with patients, their families, and insurance representatives.


  • Assess method of payment for services

  • Initiate processing.

  • Greet visitors, ascertain purpose of visit, and direct them to appropriate staff or department

  • Perform admitting duties including explaining various forms such as patient rights, medical releases, insurance documents and advance directives.

  • Make sure pertinent medical emergency information is taken, changed and corrected.

  • Use of computer and computer applications.

  • Answering telephones.

  • Coding and filling out insurance forms.

  • Scheduling appointments.

  • Arranging for hospital admissions and laboratory services.

  • Handling correspondence, billing, and bookkeeping including copying and distribution of paper work and medical records.

  • Patient Liaison.

  • Knowledge of and adherence to the CA HIPAA laws.

• For ER Hospital Admissions you must have 2 years prior experience in hospital admissions with good references.

• Must possess a typing certificate and the ability to do the job.

• High School Diploma or higher education.
• Ability to stay calm, work under pressure and remain professional and alert at all times.
• Ability to adhere to time and attendance policies.
• Ability to carry out tasks in a professional manner and adhere to policies regarding professionalism and boundaries.
• Must demonstrate a compassionate nature and possess strong people skills.
• Computer proficiency and program proficiency a must.

• Ability to smile and treat others with dignity and respect and know, acknowledge and adhere to the CA HIPAA laws.

• Ability to effectively elicit/provide information to and from appropriate individuals. Including, but not limited to supervisors, co-workers, and clients.  

• Very competitive pay with weekly paychecks
• Continuous professional and clinical training
• Awards and recognition programs 
*Medical benefit eligibility is dependent on employment status. 

Shifts Available: 
Week Day Shifts Available (Mon-Fri): Days and Evenings
Weekend Shifts Available (Sat-Sun): Days and Evenings

Lassen Plumas In-Home Health & Medical Staffing Services is a provider of In-Home Healthcare staff, and Medical Assistance related staffing. We do not staff LVN's, or RN's at this time. Our commitment to customer service will pave the way for many rewarding career opportunities in Lassen & Plumas Counties Healthcare Industry. Lassen Plumas In-Home Health & Medical Staffing Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer as long as a person is able to do the job required.

Post Date: 3/12/2017

Recruiter's Name: Vicky Scott
Recruiter's Title: Owner
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