​​​​​​​​​​​While becoming a CNA it became Vicky's goal to assist others at home and in Assisted Living Facilities. She supervised and worked a twenty-two resident facility M-F, and managed and worked an eighteen resident facility on the weekends in Paradise, CA. Soon she was being sought as an In-Home Health Care Provider by Independent Living Services of Chico, CA. She has been offering In-Home Health services for 24 years now. She has worked in two Hospital ER's as a Registration Clerk, Switch Board Operator and Surgical Scheduler. It is her goal to help people remain at home and to rehabilitate those coming home from the hospital or skilled nursing facilities. She views each client as an extended family member and considers the wisdom she has gained from each client, extremely valuable. She was a member of Soroptimist, started CAID (Citizens Against Illegal Dumping), served on the Magalia, CA POA Board, and volunteered for TEFAP (The Emergency Food Assistance Program) in Lassen County as a Distributer from 2009 - 2013. Before entering into Nursing she was a freelance Traditional Typesetter. Setting type for many companies, newspapers and magazines in the Bay Area, using the Compugraphic Editwriter 7500. She became a Full Charge Bookkeeper running a contracting company with 6 employees. 

She was a trick water skier by the time she was six years old and began swimming at two years old. She was an avid endurance horseback rider and trainer for 10 years, and was affiliated with Back Country Horsemen's Association. She enjoyed riding her bike in Lassen County for many years. She enjoys walks in the woods with her dogs, swimming, traveling, cooking, and helping others to be independent at home. ​She's had property at Eagle Lake, CA since 1984 and has been a year round resident since Oct. 1999. She occasionally travels to, visits, and stays in other states.

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